For a very special edition of their ‘Closets’ series, Complex’s Joe La Puma was invited to join Breezy at his California home for an exclusive tour of his crazy, never-before-seen sneaker collection.

While showing the cameras his many different collect rooms (yes actual rooms), Brown talked about where he keeps certain shoes, how he brought 1,000 pairs of shoes on tour, why he admires Allen Iverson, and more.

“For me it’s who I am,” said Chris. “I think clothes and fashion is an extension of my creativity, and what I can be as a person.”


After breaking the internet with her pregnancy announcement at the top of the year, Beyoncé returned to Instagram for the very first look at her and JAY-Z’s beautiful new twins.

The mother of three took to IG late Thursday night to share a photo in celebration of the twins turning one month old. In the picture, Queen Bey is seen standing in front of a large floral thrown while cradling her newborn babies.

It was reported that Bey and Jay welcomed their twins in June. Her father, Matthew Knowles, confirmed the news publicly when he congratulated her with a tweet.